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    Our products are made with the finest ingredients including conditioning oils, spring water, exquisite essential oils, fresh juices, teas, herbs and spices. Always 100% vegan.

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About Us

Molly McCullough, Co-Founder of Mad Soap CompanyMolly McCullough Today, Molly brings her soaping passion and knowledge acquired at MAD SOAP to Soap-Making Parties in CHICAGOLAND. If you have a kitchen and table where partygoers can gather, she will demonstrate how to make soap with natural ingredients and essential oils, while discussing their benefits and historic uses. Molly will then guide each reveler as they make (and decorate) their own bar of soap to take home. Ideal ages for Soaping-Making Parties are 9 – 14. The soap base for parties is safe non-toxic glycerin.

The goal is for participants to think more about ingredients of the things they use (soaps as well as food and beverages), read labels, ask questions and make healthier decisions. It’s also great to experience how easy and fun making things from scratch can be, and how much more you enjoy things, like soap, when you make it yourself! Please email molly@madsoap.com for more information.

Allyson Dohan, Co-Founder of Mad Soap CompanyAllyson Dohan was born and raised in the foothills of Litchfield County, Connecticut. While this state is often regarded as New York’s playground for the outlandishly extravagant, Allyson developed a discerning eye for the true value of simple things against a backdrop of concentrated consumer culture. Always up for a challenge and proud of her self-reliance, she embraced the policies: there’s nothing too broken that duct tape won’t fix and, with dedication, you can make anything from scratch.

Her ingenuity and creative talent brought her to Savannah College of Art & Design, where she earned a BFA in graphic design. Upon graduation, she moved to New York City to pursue a career in design. After several adventures in print, packaging, apparel & accessory, it was at a Halloween company where she met Molly.

As a committed vegan and veteran vegetarian, Allyson has endeavored to use only natural ingredients, and strove to understand how products are made and what exactly is in them and why. The beloved challenge presented itself: Soap making would illuminate the actual things being absorbed by your body through your skin and the challenge was to make it better.

When she discovered Molly was equally inspired by soap-making they went to work. Pouring over research, experiments, trials, and pints, they founded MAD SOAP!