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    Our products are made with the finest ingredients including conditioning oils, spring water, exquisite essential oils, fresh juices, teas, herbs and spices. Always 100% vegan.

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What is cold process soap?
This is the process where (1) water (or teas/juices) and (2) sodium hydroxide (or lye –  which is a caustic chemical created naturally by soft water, like rainwater combined with ash or charcoal from burned hardwood) are combined with (3) oils or fats to produce soap. The total process takes 3 weeks for the pH level to drop until the soaps are safe to use. Although its naturally derived, lye alone is a dangerous chemical and should always be handled with care.

When can I expect my shipment?
We typically ship 2 times a week: Mondays & Thursdays. All orders received before Sunday go out Monday. All orders received before Wednesday go out Thursday.

Can you send me a tracking number?
Yes! Once shipped out you will receive an invoice that will have the tracking number on it.

Do your soaps have an expiration date?
Yes and no. The soap itself has a long shelf life, but the benefits from the properties of  the essential oils and herbs in the soaps fade over time. You will find after 6 – 8 months the scent of the soap won’t be as strong. If you don’t plan to use your MAD Soap soon after receipt, we suggest storing it in an air tight container or plastic bag to retain its freshness.